Diablo 4 Rogue Skills, Abilities and Armors

With the Diablo IV Beta testing completed, many got their first look at the Rogue, and if you liked the Rogue class from Diablo II, you would love this remake in Diablo IV. This Diablo 4 Rogue guide will cover everything in the Beta, what you can expect, and possible build options. Before we get into the guide, one thing to note is that the information currently released is still being determined, as Diablo IV is currently in development and may see certain ability changes on full release. Without further ado, let’s get into the Diablo IV Rogue guide!

What is the Rogue Class in Diablo IV? 

The rogue is a mysterious figure using stealth, agility, and other sneak-style arts to combo attack their opponents into submission. The unique element of the Rogue in Diablo IV, which is different from the Demon Hunter in Diablo III, is the ability to make a full melee build and not only rely on the ranged attacks. What makes the melee different from the Barbarian is that, sure, they may both be melee, but the Rogue requires agility to avoid attacks and deals massive single-target explosive damage, while the Barbarian is designed to take a punch and fights head-on with enemies.

The Rogue has two main builds and play styles that may pique your interest; one is the main playstyle that everyone knows and loves, The ranged assassin, and two, the melee assassin. We will go over all the rogue talents and skills to give you a better look at the Rogue in Diablo IV.

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Diablo 4 Rogue Skill and Ability Overview 

Diablo IV Rogues have a unique set of skills that make for more interesting gameplay; let’s have a look at these skills below:

● Puncture (Ranged Melee) - Throw your blades at a short distance, dealing X amount of damage - Critical hits will apply a slow.

● Heartseeker (Ranged) - Fires an arrow dealing X amount of damage and increases the rogues Critical Strike by 3% for 4 seconds (Stacks to 15%)

● Forceful Arrow (Ranged) - Fires a powerful arrow at an enemy, which deals X amount of damage and, after three consecutive attacks, will mark an enemy as Vulnerable (Deal additional damage to vulnerable targets)

● Invigorating Strike (Melee) - Melee attack that deals X amount of damage and increases Energy Regeneration by 20% for 3 seconds

● Blade Shift (Melee) - A fast stab that deals X amount of damage, with a passive effect of allowing the Rogue to move through enemies for 3 seconds

● Barrage (Ranged) - Unleash five arrows at any targets in front of the Rogue, dealing X amount of damage. This effect has a 20% chance of ricocheting off of enemies.

● Rapid Fire (Ranged) - Hastily shoot five arrows quickly that deal 20% of base physical damage.

● Penetrating Shot (Ranged) - Fires an arrow through targets dealing additional damage to all enemies behind the initial target.

● Flurry (Melee) - Unleashes many stabs quickly at all enemies in front of the Rogue.

● Twisting Blades (Melee) - A melee strike that impales your target and weakens them, allowing for 8x damage at the end of the strike; your melee weapons are returned to you.

● Shadow Step (Agility Skill) - Become unstoppable and teleport behind your target to deal massive damage.

● Dash (Agility Skill) - Dash forward and slice through all enemies in your path.

● Caltrops (Agility Defensive) - Jump backward and leave caltrops on your enemies, slowing them by 50%. The effect lasts 6 seconds.

● Concealment (Subterfuge Skill) - Go invisible, gaining 25% move speed and the unstoppable buff.

● Dark Shroud (Subterfuge Skill) - Surround yourself in the shadows, gaining 8% damage reduction per shadow buff (Maximum five shadows)

● Smoke Grenade (Subterfuge Skill) - Daze, your enemies by throwing a smoke grenade at the targeted ground (Lasts four seconds)

● Poison Trap (Subterfuge Skill) - Leave a trap that takes 1.25 seconds to set up; once set up will explode on enemy contact. This effect does 435% poison damage over 9 seconds to all enemies affected by the poison trap.

● Shadow Imbuement (Imbuement Skill) - Enhance your blades with shadows allowing the next victim to get stabbed to explode with shadow damage of up to 39% additional damage.

● Cold Imbuement (Imbuement Skill) - Enhance your weapons with a cold effect that freezes enemies (Slowing them and making them vulnerable ((Deal additional damage))).

● Poison Imbuement (Imbuement Skill) - Enhance your weapons with a poison effect, which deals additional damage according to enemies max HP.

● Rain of Arrows (Ultimate Skill) - Ranged attack that sends an arrow rain over the targeted location. The arrow rain goes over twice and deals additional physical damage (or, if imbued, will deal imbued damage)

● Death Trap (Ultimate Skill) - Place a trap that arms after 1.25 seconds. When enemies make contact with the trap, deal 316% bonus damage.

● Shadow Clone (Ultimate Skill) - A clown made of shadows that mimics your actions for 15 seconds and deals 60% of normal physical damage.


Quick Breakdown of Diablo 4 Rogue Skills 

All skills have their section (Ranged, Melee, Ultimate, etc.), which we will break down really quickly here:

Agility is usually a defensive or quick evasion type of ability.

Ultimate is the big cool-down ability that talents will bolster and is usually the main rotation of any build.

Imbuement Skills are all weapon enhancements to deal additional damage.

Basic attacks (Ranged melee) are your abilities that come standard with the rogue.

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Rogue Stats, Weapons, and Resource Usage Overview

● Rogues Weapon Archetype: Melee, Close-Quarters Combat, Ranged.

● Rogues Resource Management: Energy (depending on build, will require Cool Down heavy resource management).

● Rogues Damage Type: Poison, Frost, Shadow, and Physical.

● Rogue Usable Weapons and Armor: Rogues use One-Handed Swords, Daggers, Bows, and Crossbows.

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Rogues look like so much fun in Diablo IV and have the community excited to sneakily stab their opponents from behind or unleash a barrage of arrows. We hope you are as excited as we are to try this shrouded figure in the upcoming title Diablo IV. Check out our store for d4 gold and items and all things related to Diablo IV, and check all updates for all Diablo IV related on our news section. As always, Happy Hunting!